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Code of Ethics Policy Statement

RAMSSOL GROUP and all its subsidiaries maintains certain policies to guide its employees with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could damage the Company's reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the Company and to employees involved. The purpose of this Policy is to affirm, in a comprehensive statement, required standards of conduct and practices with respect to certain type of payments and political contributions

An employee's actions under this Policy are significant indications of the individual's judgment and competence.Accordingly, those actions constitute an important element in the evaluation of the employee for position assignments and promotion. Correspondingly, insensitivity to or disregard of the principles of this Policy will be grounds for appropriate management disciplinary action.

Statement of Policy

The Company expects all employees to use only legitimate practices in commercial operations and in promoting the Company position on issues before governmental authorities. As stated below, "kickbacks" or "bribes" intended to induce or reward favorable buying decisions and governmental actions are unacceptable and prohibited.

No employee of the Company or any Controlled Affiliate acting on the Company's behalf shall, in violation of any applicable law, offer or make directly or indirectly through any other person or firm any payment of anything of value (in the form of compensation, gift, contribution or otherwise) to:

  • any person or firm employed by or acting for or on behalf of any customer, whether private or governmental, for the purpose of inducing or rewarding any favorable action by the customer in any commercial trans action; or any governmental entity, RAMSSOL GROUP EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK Private & Confidential 7 for the purpose of inducing or rewarding action (or withholding of action) by a governmental entity in any governmental matter;

  • any governmental official, political party or official of such party, or any candidate for political office, for the purpose of inducing or rewarding favorable action (or withholding of action) or the exercise of influence by such official, party or candidate in any commercial transaction or in any governmental matter.

In utilizing consultants, agents, sales representatives s or others, the Company will employ only reputable, qualified individuals or firms under compensation arrangements, which are reasonable in relation to the services performed. The [specify department] will issue from time to time criteria and procedures to be utilized in international transactions with respect to the selection and compensation of sales representatives s. Consultants, agents or Representatives s retained in relation to the provision of goods or services to the federal government must agree to comply with all laws, regulations and Company policies governing employee conduct.

The provisions of this section are not intended to apply to ordinary and reasonable business entertainment or gifts not of substantial value, customary in local business relationships and not violate any laws as applied in that environment. In some countries, it may be acceptable to make such insubstantial gifts to minor government officials where customary in order to expedite or secure routine administrative action required in the orderly conduct of operations. Managers are expected to exercise sound discretion and control in authorizing such business entertainment and gifts.

When customer organizations, governmental agencies, or others have published policies intended to provide guidance with respect to acceptance of entertainment, gifts, or other business courtesies by their employees, such policies shall be respected.

Reports and Periodic Reviews

Any employee who is requested to make, authorize, or agree to any offer or payment which is, or may be, contrary to this Policy will promptly report such information to the employee's manager, to assigned Company legal counsel, or to the manager in the component having responsibility for financial activity.

Any employee who acquires information (for example, newspaper reports, reports from customers, or statements of individuals involved) that gives the employee reason to believe that any employee is engaged in conduct forbidden by this Policy, or that any sales representatives , distributor, or other person or film representing the Company in any transaction is engaged in the type of conduct (whether or not in connection with a transaction involving the Company or its products) which, if engaged in by an employee of the Company, would violate this Policy, will promptly report such information to the employee's manager, to assigned company legal counsel, or to the manager in the component having responsibility for financial activity.

Any manager receiving a report as cited above will promptly consult with assigned Company legal counsel and thereafter will, after appropriate investigation, take timely remedial or other action as warranted under the provisions of this Policy. Such manager will also promptly report the matter to higher management.

Violations of the Policy

A. Violations of the Policy are grounds for discharge or other disciplinary action, adapted to the circumstances of the particular violation and having as a primary objective furtherance of the Company's interest in preventing violations and making clear that violations are neither tolerated nor condoned.

B. Disciplinary action will be taken, not only against individuals who authorize or participate directly in a violation of the Policy, but also against:

  1. any employee who may have deliberately failed to report a violation of the Policy;

  2. any employee who may have deliberately withheld relevant and material information concerning a violation of this Policy and

  3. the violator's managerial superiors, to the extent that the circumstances of the violation reflect inadequate leadership and lack of diligence.

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