Covid-19 Relief for Community

Communication and collaboration between teams are the biggest challenge at the moment. We at RAMSSOL Group are offering free full access for Lark to help businesses to build the necessary resources and infrastructure you need to ensure business continuity via REMOTE WORKING.

Our solution helps organizations to work across the globe effectively; and employees continue to stay engaged on a single platform, globally. Reach us and let us help you today!

Covid-19 AMS

RAMSSOL Group believe that it is our duty to help businesses become more resilient during this COVID-19 crisis. We take this commitment seriously, and we would like to provide Oracle Application Maintenance Support to ensure your business keeps running during this period.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about the package,

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to extend the COVID19 Relief package after 6 months from the sign up date?

The package can be extended for another 6 months.

What are the available contract periods?

There are two available contract periods, 6 months and 12 months.

What differs RAMSOL Group from other Oracle vendors?

RAMSSOL Group is a multinational company (MNC) with strong presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. We proudly serve Oracle Peoplesoft and Oracle HCM Cloud in major MNC cooperations. To date, we are Top 10 Oracle Provider in APAC region for 3 consecutive years. Our World-Class Support Operations consist of dedicated Support Resources that are strightly adhere to Service Delivery Excellence (SLA) and ISO 9001.

For more details information – please refer to our local sales representative.

Will there be any price increase after the contract ends?

Yes, the price increase is capped at 10% afterwards.

What is the forte of this COVID-19 Relief package?

We have reduced 50% of the standard market price for Application Maintenance Package and Change Request. In addition, for any Change Requests (CRs) with less than 5 days efforts are Free of Charge and will be included in the Scope of Services.

For the past 9 years, we have assisted our clients As proven track record, we have helped our customer save an accumulated cost of MYR 12 Million in total for the change request over the last 9 years. In addition, our clients will have a dedicated Service Delivery Manager which is responsible to ensure our services are on track and on time.

How does the transition procedure take place?

Our standard procedure requires 2 transition days to understand your data. Incumbent participation is not required during the transition.

Can we purchase the package now and use it later?

You can sign up now and use the package later. If you are on a contract with existing vendor, we will honour the current price until your contract ends. No PO is required and we only need an official letter from your organisation so we can lock this package for you. Example: Contract expires on 30th Oct 2020, we can start our contract on 1 Nov 2020 or earlier.

Does this package comply to Service Delivery Excellence (SLA)?

Yes, we strictly adhere to SLA guidelines.

How do you solve communication (language) and technical issues with the offshore team?

Our experienced local team is available to assist on this matter.

Does the local team is included in the package, and which mode are they supporting?

All support will be based on remote support model. On-site support is available upon request with additional charges. As part of this offerings, our daily rate is as attractive/discounted as well.

Do reach out to us at should you need any further clarification.