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The Only All-in-One
Platform You will ever Need

It can be difficult keeping your company’s solutions up to date in a rapidly-evolving workplace. Fortunately, Lark is built for modern enterprises. There’s no longer any need to juggle between applications to get work done, just plug in and Lark facilitates the rest!


Meetings with Zero Distance

Experience seamless video conferencing with host controls, subtitle options and screen sharing functions on all devices.


Live-stream a Meeting for Millions of Employees

Video meetings can be live-streamed to reach millions of employees. Important announcement, virtual townhall and any single-way communication needs can be done hassle-free.

Build a Culture of Effective Communication

Use Chat to communicate effectively across teams, departments, and even companies. Emoji reactions, message threads, votes, and more offer a healthy foundation for an engaging collaborative experience. Make sure everyone is on the same page without relying on emails and meetings!


Single Platform Synergy

Lark combines a multitude of essential collaboration tools in a single interconnected platform, including Chat, Calendar, Creation and Cloud storage. These functions are always in sync, and are easy to access from one to the next.

Complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire


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Every day someone signs something that means everything


Empower your business to better serve your customers and achieve your goals

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Nurture employer-employee engagement and to promote a healthy working environment

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The Only All-in-One Platform You will ever Need

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Stay connected wherever you go

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